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Casper Balloon Roundup


Casper’s skyline will be spotted with color July 20-22 during the Casper Balloon Roundup. In what is easily one of the most photographic events of the summer, more than a dozen vibrant, richly-hued hot air balloons will be floating over Casper. The weekend kicks off Saturday morning with a mass launch at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, a sight worth getting up early for. You can choose to chase a few of your favorites or pick a spot on Casper Mountain or near the Casper Events Center for a dazzling view of the whole fleet. But this isn’t just an event for morning people. Spend your evening in downtown Casper where balloons will line the streets. With food vendors, live music and a beer garden, this is a party for kids and grown-ups alike.

Casper Balloon Roundup Snaps

  • SLIDESHOW_Balloon_Roundup__9314
  • SLIDESHOW_Balloon_Roundup_9285
  • SLIDESHOW_Balloon_Roundup_9289
  • SLIDESHOW_Balloon_Roundup_9292
  • SLIDESHOW_Balloon_Roundup_9298
  • SLIDESHOW_Balloon_Roundup_9302
  • SLIDESHOW_Balloon_Roundup_9316

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