The Road to Yellowstone

The fastest and most scenic route

Anyone lucky enough to vacation in the pristine natural beauty of Yellowstone country will agree — your journey to the Park is as important as your destination. If you’re planning to travel Wyoming’s scenic highways and byways, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to spend a day or two in Casper, the city that offers unparalleled access to recreation and culture in the heart of the Cowboy State. Casper is accessible from a major interstate and an international airport, making it the perfect place to ease yourself from civilization to Wyoming’s famous wilderness.

Experience the Great Outdoors

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Wyoming is famed for its natural landscapes, and you can bet Casper will meet your expectations. Nestled in the North Platte River Valley at the base of iconic Casper Mountain, scenic views greet visitors at every turn. Many of our most prized natural attractions are just a few minutes drive from the center of the city, leaving more time to create some of the most lasting memories of your Wyoming vacation.

Casper Mountain features dense forests, abundant wildlife and spectacular trails. Recreational opportunities abound with hiking, biking, camping, picnicing, skiing day or night, snowboarding or sledding. Free from crowds, bring your camera for unobstructed landscape photos that will hang on your walls for years to come. Casper is synonymous with mountains, and the freedom to roam on foot, bike or skis is just 15 minutes from your hotel.

Alcova Lake and Fremont Canyon are Casper’s summer playgrounds. With boating, tubing, water skiing, fishing, climbing and beach activities across the area, this is where you can soak up Wyoming sun. Jet skis and other personal water crafts are not permitted in Yellowstone, so before you head to their shores, visit the Alcova Lakeside Marina to enjoy a boat or Sea-doo rental. Or spend a day jet skiing and relaxing on the hills of Sandy Beach. You’ll be amazed at just how blue the WyoCity sky is.

Unlike the Yellowstone River, Casper’s North Platte River is in close proximity to hotels, dining and nightlife. Even if you’re spending just one night in the city, downtown Casper is a mandatory stop for extraordinary urban fly fishing. You can also spend hours hiking the 10+ mile paved Platte River Parkway trails, or bring your kayak to the Whitewater Park, located at the Tate Pumphouse.

Cruise Scenic Casper

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    Scenic Fremont Canyon, a popular spot for boating, fishing, hiking, biking and rock climbing between Pathfinder and Alcova Reservoir.
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    The base of Casper Mountain, as seen from the Bridle Trail in Rotary Park.
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    Fall colors start to appear on Casper Mountain.
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    A scenic perspective from the skies above Casper.
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    A scenic perspective of Casper, as seen from the base of Casper Mountain.
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    A scenic perspective of Casper, as seen from the base of Casper Mountain.
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    A scenic perspective of Casper, as seen from the base of Casper Mountain.
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    Abundant wildlife can be spotted nearly anywhere in Casper!
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    Scenic Casper Mountain.
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    Just another scenic Casper evening.
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    The base of scenic Casper Mountain.
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    The base of scenic Casper Mountain.
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You’ve dreamed of seeing miles of wide open Wyoming space on a scenic drive across the Cowboy State. With virtually no traffic and the city’s proximity to natural landscapes, one of the best ways to see Casper is with the windows down. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in nature’s greenery on Casper Mountain or drive around Alcova Lake to see the water from hundreds of feet above, a drive through Casper is like sailing through a never-ending sky. Stop by Lookout Point on your way up the mountain to take advantage of Casper’s best spot for a selfie. The prairie vista and city skyline will make this photo a favorite on your Facebook timeline.

Encounter Wildlife

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    Wildlife viewing opportunities abound in Casper, where the pronghorn outnumber the people!
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    Abundant wildlife can be spotted nearly anywhere in Casper!
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    Wildlife viewing opportunities abound in Casper.
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    Wildlife viewing opportunities abound in Casper.
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    Wildlife viewing opportunities abound in Casper.
  • COLLECTION-Mule-Deer-001
    Wildlife viewing opportunities abound in Casper.
  • COLLECTION-Pronghorn-3848
    Wildlife viewing opportunities abound in Casper, where the pronghorn outnumber the people!
In Yellowstone, the bears, wolves and bison stay in the park, but in Casper, the wildlife live among the people. Like running into old friends, bustling about town is one of the best ways to spot Casper’s abundant population of pronghorn, mule deer or the occasional wild turkey. In fact, you’ll find that crossing wildlife is a common source of traffic jams (which isn’t that surprising given that Wyoming’s population of pronghorn exceeds humans).

Take your eyes to the sky for birdwatching. Popular spots include Morad Park and Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park. Watch for sage grouse, pheasants and chukar partridges.

Connect to the Past

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No visit to Wyoming is complete without connecting to the frontier spirit that shapes both the character and geography of our nation. Casper is one of the West’s top destinations for pioneer history with unrivaled museums and sightseeing opportunities. The National Historic Trails Center is the nation’s premiere facility for western trails history and education. Operated by the Federal Bureau of Land Management, this museum provides an expert interpretation of the trails system and its history, offering visitors several interactive opportunities to relate to the experience of pioneers. Cross the North Platte in a mini-Conestoga wagon with a video filmed in Casper, send mail through the Pony Express or read first-person accounts of life along the trails with extensive diary and letter collections.

After you’ve heard the stories, insert yourself into the pioneer narrative. Just 50 miles southwest of Casper stands Independence Rock, 136 feet tall and covering 24.81 acres. Settlers carved their names into the granite as a testament to the hardships and obstacles they overcame to reach this landmark. As you run your fingers along the letters, look closely at the hundreds of names proudly and painstakingly carved; you might find a familiar one.

Visit Fort Caspar Museum to tour the reconstructed military post and explore exhibits about western emigrant trails, the Frontier Army, prehistoric peoples, Plains Indians, ranching, the energy industry, and the City of Casper.

Upcoming Events in Casper