Wyoming Women


While it may seem like a destination full of cowboys and wide-open spaces that earned its well-known mantra as the Wild West, there’s more to Wyoming than meets the eye. Meet its women.

Here, among Wyoming’s more than 98,000 square miles, the first woman in the world cast her vote. In 2019, Wyoming is celebrating the 150th anniversary of women’s suffrage, meaning it was the first known territory in the free world that gave women the right to vote. It’s also home to a slew of other firsts, including where the first female governor was elected, the first woman appointed to public office was in Wyoming and more. (You can read more about Wyoming’s firsts here.)

But truth be told, that’s just scratching the surface. And while we could tell you about it, we’d rather invite you to Wyoming to experience the place that first gave women the right to vote. To make it easy for you to celebrate women everywhere – and the year of the Wyoming woman – we’ve created itineraries to help you explore the state.