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Both scenic and useful, use Casper’s urban trails as a practical means of non-motorized transportation or your final destination during a leisurely afternoon stroll.

Neighborhood Trails
These linear trails span many Casper neighborhoods, parks and schools and can pick up and resume within a few hundred feet virtually anywhere in town. Users travel these trails to connect with the Rails to Trails or Platte River Parkway Trail systems. Because they’re so expansive, they’re suitable for traveling just about any way you can think of that doesn’t involve an engine. So stroll, run, bike, rollerblade, skateboard or take your pooch to see Casper’s beautiful neighborhoods.

Rails to Trails
Spanning Hat Six Road in east Casper to the Old Yellowstone District near downtown Casper, the Rails to Trails system features interpretive signage, wildlife viewing opportunities and public art. With stops at the Natrona County Public Library, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Art 321, the Science Zone and many boutiques and restaurants, travel this trail for local culture. The Bridge to the Future Park near the library and the Service Members Tribute Memorial below the Beverly Street Underpass will be some of your favorite Casper highlights.

Platte River Parkway
The North Platte River flows through Casper, and the Platte River Parkway is one of the best ways to explore it! This system follows the river from Paradise Valley Park in West Casper to the North Casper Soccer Complex at Bryan Stock Trail more than 10 miles away and was designed with recreation in mind. You can bike, run, walk and skate on the paths; float, fish, kayak and canoe in the water; or enjoy a picnic lunch from one of the delicious local food trucks at the Tate Pumphouse in the summer months.

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