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In Yellowstone, the bears, wolves and bison stay in the park, but in Casper, the wildlife live among the people. Like running into old friends, bustling about town is one of the best ways to spot casper’s abundant population of pronghorn, mule deer or the occasional wild turkey. In fact, you’ll find that crossing wildlife is a common source of traffic jams (which isn’t that surprising given that Wyoming’s population of pronghorn exceeds humans.) Head out on a photo safari and see how many of these animals you can spot during your visit to Casper!

Pronghorn Antelope

• Most commonly spotted mammal in Casper
• Fastest land mammal in North America
• Can sprint up to 60 mph
• Lives in the high plains and sagebrush flats
• Exceed human population in Wyoming


• Species: rainbow, brown, cutthroat, cutbow, brook, and lake
• Abundant in the North Platter River, particularly at Miracle Mile and Grey Reef
• The lake trout is generally the largest, while the rainbow trout is favored by anglers

Mule Deer

• Characterized by their large ears and dark gray-brown color
• Jumps with stiff legs, all four feet hitting the ground together, unlike the graceful leaps of their white-tail deer cousins

Western Meadlowlark

• Wyoming State bird
• Brown streaked with black and buff above bright yellow below
• Females build domed nests hidden in grass to lay their eggs


• Known as the “prairie wolf”
• Hunts in pairs
• High-pitched calls, typically made at dusk or night, are common during the spring mating seasons


• Species: Bald and Golden
• Bird of prey with a hooked beak and heavy head
• Found near rivers, lakes and reservoirs, in areas with abundance of fish and free of human disturbance

Thomas Gobbles

• Area turkey turned celebrity
• Natural habitat spans downtown residential areas including Casper College campus, front yards of locals and busy streets
• Feeds on handouts from motorists and other fans
• WARNING: does not yield to oncoming traffic, so drive carefully while in pursuit
• Follow him at https://www.facebook.com/ThomasGobbles/

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