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Alcova Reservoir covers 2,470 surface acres and is arguably one of Casper’s best-kept fishing secrets. Alcova has the reputation as a “play lake” for water skiiers, jet skiiers, and lake campers – so it is rarely mentioned as a premier fishing destination. But local fishermen will “reluctantly” tell you that Alcova supports more walleye and trout per square acre than just about any other waterway in Wyoming.

Just 10 miles farther southwest lies Pathfinder Reservoir, a 22,000-acre lake known for its massive size and massive walleye, trout, and carp. Pathfinder hosts numerous professional walleye tournaments during the liquid months and one of the largest ice fishing derbies – the Hawg Ice Fishing Derby – in Wyoming during the solid months.

Lakes were made for casting.

Walleye fishermen – take note: Pathfinder and Alcova Reservoirs located 40 and 30 miles southwest of Casper support some of the largest populations of walleye in Wyoming. Referred to by locals as the “lobster of the Rockies,” walleye is definitely the fish … er … “dish” of choice for fish fries throughout Casper year round. Casper’s two local reservoirs are ideal walleye habitat, so your chances are pretty good to hook into some nice walleye.

Trout fishermen will be thrilled to know that trophy-size browns, rainbows and cutthroat thrive in the waters of Alcova and Pathfinder Reservoirs and can be caught utilizing a wide variety of disciplines (fly fishing, trolling, jigging, bank fishing – to name a few).

Carp fishermen – eat your Wheaties! Carp fishing with a fly rod in the sandy shallows of Pathfinder Reservoir is becoming one of the most requested fishing excursions in the Casper area. Carp in this region can reach weights of 20-plus pounds. Think about the fight a 20-pounder would give you on a fly rod!

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