Big Fish and Lots Of 'Em

Wyoming's big fish destination

You dream of a place where time floats away. Where the whole world exists between the banks of cool, clear waters. Where the fish outnumber and outweigh even your heaviest obligations. Where a moment lives for eternity.

“Casper is widely considered to be Wyoming’s top fishing spot by anglers around the world.”

If uncrowded waters teeming with blue ribbon trout is the stuff of your dreams, look no further than Casper. Named the #1 Big Fish Destination by American Angler Magazine, Casper is widely considered to be Wyoming’s top fishing spot by anglers around the world. It’s the perfect place to find the fishing experience of a lifetime — be it along the famed Miracle Mile stretch of the North Platte River or among the hustle and bustle of our urban core. And while the North Platte waters are renowned, Casper also offers two nearby reservoirs for year-round fishing opportunities. If you’re looking to find big fish and lots of ‘em, grab your rod and head to Casper.

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