Canines for Charity Sled Dog Races

Welcome the dog days of winter


Race to the next Canines for Charity Sled Dog Race, benefitting Natrona County 4H. Join participants and spectators from all over the United States at Beartrap Meadow to watch gorgeous canines and fierce competition. Mushers of every age battle in events like sprint (6-10 miles), mid-distance (22 miles) and skijoring (anywhere from 1-3 dogs pulling a skier). This free event is open to the public, so if you’re a lover of adventure, chilly weather, mountains or pooches, check the events schedule here and then head up to Casper Mountain in 2018.

Canines for Charity Sled Dog Races

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  • SLIDESHOW_Sled_Dog-2103
  • SLIDESHOW_Sled_Dog-2162
  • SLIDESHOW_Sled_Dog-2169
  • SLIDESHOW_Sled_Dog-2190
  • NEW-SLIDESHOW-Sled-Dog-01
  • NEW-SLIDESHOW-Sled-Dog-2026
  • NEW-SLIDESHOW-Sled-Dog-2093
  • NEW-SLIDESHOW-Sled-Dog-2094
  • NEW-SLIDESHOW-Sled-Dog-2232

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