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If you possess power, finesse and a love of snow, you may also have the soul of a fatbiker. And you’re in luck, because Casper is among the region’s top destinations for this growing sport. Whether you’re looking for endurance training or just enjoy a challenge, riding the snowy terrain of Casper Mountain will satisfy your sense of adventure while testing your lungs and legs.

Fatbiking isn’t just for bike people. The stability of the larger tires means that skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers can all feel at home on two wheels. And since temperatures and surface conditions can change dramatically and quickly, it’s possible to feel like you’ve been on three different courses all within a single ride.

“Satisfy your sense of adventure while testing your lungs and legs.”

Casper Mountain’s Eadsville Trail is accessible from the Skunk Hollow parking lot and features some of the best winter riding in the area. Groomed, marked and well-maintained, this 5-mile trail is ideal for both experts and beginners. Experienced riders will appreciate the natural jumps and tight corners while beginners can build confidence on the wide main roads near the trail head. Markers along this stretch are reflective, making this course a fantastic option for a headlamp excursion too.

With trails located just minutes from downtown, fatbiking on Casper Mountain can be squeezed into any itinerary. Get started by renting a fatbike from a local bike shop, or head to for tips and friendly advice that will have you plowing through powder in no time.

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Get Fat in Casper

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