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Whether you bike in sunshine or plow through snow, the Eadsville trail on Casper Mountain is a perfect beginner’s mountain bike trail or Fatbike trail. This single-track dirt ride is well-marked, easy to find and in a stunning area with granite rock features. In the summer, mountain bikers can cruise through 10 fast miles on groomed trails with features like burned corners that carry smoothly one after the next. And while beginners will appreciate maintaining their speed along this fast course, at 8,000 feet, the Eadsville Trail is a serious cardio workout. At this elevation, not only will you be breathing hard, but you’ll also gasp at the incredible views of the city below. This area of Casper Mountain is typically 10 degrees cooler and significantly less windy than in-town conditions. Expect to finish this course in 30 to 60 minutes.

“The Eadsville Trail is a serious cardio workout.”

When snowfall hits Casper Mountain, put your mountain bike in the garage and bring your Fatbike for some of the best Fatbiking trails in the state. Groomed, marked and well-maintained, this 3 mile trail in snow is a completely different experience than Eadsville offers in the summer months. Since temperatures can vary so drastically in a single day, you may ride three different courses all within 24 hours. And be sure to carve out an evening to plow through the powder on a Fatbike. The blazes are all reflected, making this course a fantastic option for a night out on the mountain resort town. This trail is forgiving in the snow, so if you crash into the powder, you’ll pop back up to finish the ride.

Access to the trails is free in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter months require a trail pass.

VIDEO: Fatbiking in WyoCity

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Eadsville Trail

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