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Welcome to The Cast: A Casper Fly Fishing Review. A newsletter celebrating the North Platte River and the fly fishing culture that has sprung up right here in the middle of Wyoming. The Cast is an invitation for people to be enthusiastic about our river and our fish, without apology or second-guessing.

The Cast
does not exist to just endorse products, services and gizmos that have become so central to some fly-fishing publications. Instead, we will celebrate the outdoor opportunities around Casper and beyond. This newsletter is for those who find beauty in the everyday scenes on the water that are easily taken for granted. For those who are not opposed to standing on the shelf-ice in January to see how the trout are doing. We will use this space to announce upcoming events, share stories and to connect with others in the trout-fishing community.

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Current conditions in the Casper area as of May 16, 2019 courtesy of Sportsman’s Warehouse in Casper.

Miracle Mile: The fishing has been good to very good at the Mile. Try Scuds, Midges, Rock Worms, and Leeches for Flies. Spoons and inline spinners in silver or gold will produce fish as well. Jigs tipped with minnows will be working for both Walleye and Trout. Current river flows: 2600 cfs.

Grey Reef: Fishing has been very good to excellent. Flies to try include: Scuds, Eggs, Leeches, Rock Worms, and Midges. Spoons and spinners have been working too. Current river flows: 500 cfs.

Sechrist to Casper: Fishing has been slow to fair. The water below Bates Creek is still a little muddy with run off. Try Eggs, Rock Worms, Leeches, and Scuds. Trout will also take a spoon, inline spinner, or a night crawler on the drift too. Current river flows: 500 cfs.

Alcova: Fishing at Alcova has been fair to good. Try trolling crankbaits or jigs tipped with minnows for Trout and Walleye.

Pathfinder: The fishing has been fair to good. Try trolling bait harnesses and crankbaits, or jigs tipped with minnows for Walleye and Trout.

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