Grant Application

The goal of the Natrona County Travel & Tourism Council’s (NCTTC) Grant program is to assist Natrona County non-profit organizations with events and projects designed to create economic impact and generate overnight stays in Natrona County lodging facilities. Visit Casper is the marketing arm of the Natrona County Travel and Tourism Council, a Joint Powers Board whose mission is to enhance the economic base of Natrona County through tourism. The organization’s primary objective is to encourage more and longer visitor stays through marketing programs aimed at the convention, leisure, sports, group and special events markets.

The NCTTC / Visit Casper is funded by a 4% lodging tax collected from guests staying in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds within the county.

Eligibility: Grants are available to non-profit organizations in Natrona County.


All Visit Casper funding requests will be reviewed, analyzed and scored against 5 major criteria:

  1. Room Nights: The event generates overnight stays in Natrona County lodging facilities. The more room nights generated, the higher the score.
  2. Seasonality: The event generates overnight stays during shoulder and off-peak season. (Generally between October and February)
  3. Impact: The event has the high potential of not only offering a positive return on Visit Casper’s investment, but it also generates commercial, economic and social benefits that will be realized by the community.
  4. Retention: Points may be awarded to retain and grow the event in the Casper Area.
  5. Miscellaneous: Points may be awarded at the discretion of the Grant Review Committee for criteria such as idea presentation, event history, reporting history, need for Visit Casperstaff support, number of funding partners, program sustainability, number of years funding has been requested, etc.

Events held prior to Council review of the corresponding grant application are not eligible for grant funds. The amount of an approved grant may be modified at the Council’s discretion.

Completed grant applications will be accepted twice per year: October 15 and April 15. The Council requires the organization requesting a grant to schedule a 10-minute presentation to the Council before applications are reviewed at a regular business meeting. Presentations should include event details, anticipated room nights, the impact of the event, an event/program budget and how the funds will be spent.

Applicants will receive written notification of the Council’s within two weeks of the regular council meeting.

Any application submitted after the deadline will be considered by the Council at the next regularly scheduled grant review meeting. All deadlines are the applicant’s responsibility to remember.


Eligible advertising mediums include:
Brochures, posters and promotional fliers, billboards, magazine/newspaper advertising, radio/TV advertising, travel trade shows (booth fees, registration fees and materials production), websites and email/digital marketing.

Eligible event expenses include: Event invitations/stationary, registration forms, entertainment, speakers/presenters, rental equipment, space/venue rental, programs, brochures, posters and refreshments.

Exceptions: Grant funds may NOT be used for the following: Postage/phone, event programs for on-site use only or sold for profit, alcoholic beverages, in-kind contributions and/or sponsorships, capital projects or anything contrary to Federal or State law or local ordinance.


The Council will require recognition for its financial participation as follows:

  • Audible identification as Visit Casper on all radio advertising.
  • Logo and/or audible identification as Visit Casper on all TV advertising.
  • The Visit Casper logo and website address on all printed materials including print media, brochures, posters, flyers, registration forms, magazine/newspaper advertising, etc.
  • Link to on website.
  • Listing on credits for audio-visual presentations.
  • Visit Casper logo on billboards.
  • Visit Casper banner at event site.
  • Advertising in event program relative to investment.
  • Access to participant and/or attendee list for future re-targeting
  • Logo and website address on t-shirts if sponsors are recognized this way.
  • Recognition in digital and other online marketing as available.

Visit Casper will provide applicants with the appropriate materials for recognition upon request.

Note: If Visit Casper is a partner or co-promoter of an event, the recipient must be willing to share a participant list (database) prior to the event for audience profiling/targeting. This information will be kept confidential and will only be used in re-targeting to grow event participation and awareness.


Within 60 days of completion of the project/event, the applicant will hold a one-on-one meeting with the Visit Casper CEO for review of the event as well as submit to the satisfaction of the Council

  • A completed Project Report & Evaluation Form (included with written approval notification)
  • A completed Hotel Tracking Form (included with the application)
  • Copies of all advertising utilizing the Visit Casper logo and website address
  • Copies/photos of recognition given Visit Casper (i.e. website link, banner, reader board, brochures, online marketing, etc.)
  • Invoices and proof of payment for all grant fund expenditures
  • Other materials produced with the cooperation of Council

Funds will be disbursed upon completion of the project and receipt of the Project Report & Evaluation Form and the Hotel Tracking Form. In unique instances and at its discretion, the Council may disburse approved funds prior to the event/project upon written agreement to provide follow-up reporting requirements.

The Council will consider the Grant Application null and void if the applicant does not submit the Project Report & Evaluation Form and Hotel Tracking Form to Visit Casper within the reporting timeframe. There is no grace period for the final report and Visit Casper does not issue reminders.

Grant Deadlines: October 15 and April 15 of each year. Please include the original and four copies of the grant application.

Grant Application


  • Describe how the festival/event will enhance tourism in Natrona County. Please be sure to quantify the estimated number of visitors and overnight stays that will be generated specifically by this activity, as well as any other commercial, economic and social benefits that will be realized by the community. Please estimate the percentage of attendees that will come from outside of Natrona County.

  • Please answer the following questions

  • If no, please use $80.00 in the “Room Rate” area of the formula below.


  • Please attach a financial statement or general operating budget for your organization. This is not the specific budget for your event.
  • Please attach a specific budget for your event.
  • Please attach an event budget history.
  • Please provide details about how you intend to use your grant funding, if approved.
  • Have or will funds be requested elsewhere?

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