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The North Platte River is a 680 mile river that flows right through the heart of downtown Casper. Along with Alcova Lake and Pathfinder Reservoir, Casper’s waterways provide countless opportunities for recreation. Here are some of the areas you will definitely enjoy:

Pathfinder Reservoir

This reservoir is fed by the Sweetwater and North Platte Rivers and controlled by Pathfinder Dam. It’s home to various fish species and is a great spot for camping, boating and hiking. Anyone interested in engineering should visit the Pathfinder Interpretive Center and Trail to learn about the hundred year history of this example of American ingenuity.

Fremont Canyon

About 4 miles southwest of Pathfinder Dam, you will find the entrance to Fremont Canyon. The beautiful rock walls on either side of the river reach high into the air and provide climbing opportunities for novices and experts alike. But even if you are not that adventurous, it’s well worth a visit to explore Wyoming’s exposed history.

Grey Reef

Sportsmen rejoice! The Grey Reef section of the North Platte River, about 25 miles southwest from Casper, provides some of the best trout fishing in the country. And we’re not just bragging— the Outdoor Channel’s Curtis Fleming chose this stretch of the river as the backdrop for two recent episodes of his hit show Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming. Amazingly, it remains just as beautiful and uncrowded as ever. This is truly the place to be for sportsmen hoping to catch a 4 pound
20-inch rainbow trout!

Just 29 miles northwest of Casper, the 1,153 acre Goldeneye Wildlife & Recreation Area boasts 488 acres of reservoir and is another prime destination for trophy trout.

Alcova Lake

Covering nearly 2,500 acres, Alcova Lake is one of Casper’s premier destinations for sportsmen, boaters, campers and anyone looking to have fun in the sun. The lake air is filled with a celebratory spirit during the summer holidays, but with a total of six campgrounds, any time is a good time to camp. Sandy, Okie and Black Beaches each merit a full-day visit, but adventurous types can also explore and find their own perfect areas to wile away an afternoon. And the Alcova Lakeside Marina is a full-service restaurant and lounge where you can also rent all types of watercraft and stock up on supplies before hitting the water.

North Platte River Access Points

After Grey Reef, the North Platte River meanders towards Casper and beyond. And all along the way, there are plenty of access points for floating, canoeing, kayaking and fishing. There’s Lusby, Government Bridge/Miles Landing, By the Way Ranch, Sechrist, Speck/Bessemer Bend, Robertson Road and Paradise Valley, all public access points, and all beautiful destinations. Floating the river is a great way to take in Central Wyoming’s beauty at a leisurely pace.

Platte River Parkway

Located on the outskirts of downtown Casper, the Tate Pumphouse is an ideal spot for fly fishing. It also features a manmade whitewater park for anyone wanting to spend an afternoon kayaking. Nothing makes for memories of fun and excitement like riding the waves of the river as it crashes over the rocks. It’s a terrific spot to picnic and view Casper’s skyline with Casper Mountain as a backdrop.



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