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At 8,130 feet, Casper Mountain offers so much to do, explore and enjoy. Situated just south of Casper, it’s a 20 minute drive to the top of the mountain from downtown. No matter how you plan to spend the day, the recreational opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Rotary Park

Situated near the base of the mountain, this park is home to Garden Creek Falls and the 4.5 mile Bridle Trail that offers spectacular views of the city below, beautiful scenery and even a waterfall. The park is equipped with grills and fire pits, so plan on a picnic once you have finished hiking or biking.

Adams Memorial Archery Range

Grab your bow and arrows and hone your archery skills at this practice range. Located just a short jaunt west of Beartrap Meadow, the area is also near camping and RV sites, as well as a number of public access roads and trails for those who might want to cruise around on an ATV.

Casper Mountain Trails Center

With 42 kilometers of groomed trails, the Nordic Trails Center provides opportunities for both day and night cross-country skiing. The beautiful terrain and variety of challenges for different skill levels make this a popular destination. In fact, prior to the Salt Lake City Olympics, two teams trained here. Night skiing is a particularly unique experience, with the lighted loop providing enough visibility to avoid accidents, but not so much as to wash out the beauty of a star-filled night sky. A visit to the trails center is more than just fun – it’s good exercise and will sharpen your senses.

Crimson Dawn Park & Museum

If you happen to be in Casper during the summer solstice, plan to visit this park and folksy museum. Named an “Editor’s Pick” by, this attraction draws hundreds of visitors every summer to hear about the friendly elves, witches and forest spirits that call Casper Mountain home.

Hogadon Ski Area

Just atop Casper Mountain, about 11 miles from Casper, lies Hogadon Basin with 24 trails and three chair lifts. Downhill courses range from beginner (Morning Dew; Park Avenue) to intermediate (Holiday; Zig Zag) to expert (Bone Yard; Nasty Gash); there is also a snowboard terrain park covering 600 vertical feet. Typically open from mid-December to early April, the area offers residents and visitors the opportunity to hit the trails for a fun way to get some fresh air and appreciate the wonders of winter.

Lee McCune Braille Trail

It’s true the absence of sight heightens the other senses, and if you don’t believe it, visit the Lee McCune Braille Trail located on Strube Loop. Even if you follow the trail without wearing the visibility-obscuring glasses, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how attuned you are to the sounds of flowing water and tweeting birds, the smell of wildflowers and pine needles, and the feel of mossy rocks and knotty tree trunks. Interpretive plaques with Braille imprints make this trail a truly unique experience.

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    Hiking along the Bridle Trail at Rotary Park on Casper Mountain.
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    Nordic skiing near the Casper Mountain Trails Center on Casper Mountain.
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    The base of Casper Mountain, as seen from the Bridle Trail in Rotary Park.
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    Downhill skiing at Hogadon Basin Ski Area.
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