Stompit at Sky Terrace


November 17, 2018




7:30pm – 10:30pm


Sky Terrace


8500 Airport parkway Casper, WY 82601


Sky Terrace


Stompit is a unique 2-person one-man-band formed in 2018 by guitarist Jasco (Blindog Smokin’) and vocalist/songwriter/bassist Mer Sal (active members of Colorado-based band The Symbols). Mer Sal sings for the group, while playing the bass, a kick drum, and foot percussion. Jasco plays the guitar, while his feet are playing the high-hat and snare drum. The idea was all their own, when their three piece band The Symbols lost their drummer. The two remaining musical partners decided to make the most of the drums left lying around and took up the drums with their feet. “It sounds like a full 3-piece band!” is an observation heard at every show.

Stompit has both an acoustic and an electric set, with versatile crowd-pleasing choices. The blessing with both sounds is that the lower volume of the 2 piece works well in any size of room – a brewery or a big stage.

Stompit can please the common listener and the artistic listener both – with their tastefully rearranged covers of popular songs, and their albums of original music. While Stompit and their mothership band The Symbols ( have been embraced by the Blues world, their music can be categorized at times with rock, funk, pop, neo-soul, americana, and acoustic.

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