OverTime’s American Built Tour at Black & Gold Grille


March 25, 2018






Black & Gold Grille


1650 W. English Ave Casper, WY 82601


Black & Gold Grille


All Ages Event | Tickets available at http://www.OverTimeMusic.com/Shows
With special guest Austin Martin!
Rapidly making his way to the hearts of hip hop, rock, and country fans all over the globe, OverTime puts on a high energy performance for concert goers who can appreciate showmanship!
OverTime is a fast rising star in the independent music scene most notably known for his blue collar, hard working style hip hop. Over the past 12 months, his notoriety has come from the success of his music videos, namely “Hunger In My Stomach”, “Next To Me”, “The Foundation”, and “Backwoods”. OverTime is known by his fans as an artist who regularily interacts with them, never placing himself above them.
Hailing from Missoula, MT, his promotion techniques are very grassroots, often relying on the fan to help spread his music. He’s made it very clear that he’ll remain independent and never sign a record deal and “sell out”, something his followers have grown to respect.
OverTime has booked and headlined 9 U.S. tours without the assistance of any agencies, labels, or management. He’s as independent and self-sufficient as it comes in the industry. His tours have taken him through 27 different states, a number he hopes to increase in the near future.
OverTime’s Youtube channel has roughly 9 million views with 4.5 million of them being on his hit song “Hunger In My Stomach”. His channel also boasts roughly 35,000 subscribers. His album “The Foundation” held a top 10 most selling hip hop album for 10 months straight with his distribution company CD Baby. CD Baby handles thousands of releases of indi-artists. OverTime’s latest release “Johnny Rotten” is quickly catching traction with the lead single being a song called “Backwoods”.
OverTime’s social media numbers continue to climb every day. His Facebook page alone grows by roughly 1,000 new likes per week giving him a current total of 75,000 follows. OverTimes music videos that have been uploaded to Facebook directly have garnered 5.5 million views giving him a total combined view count between Facebook and Youtube of 14.3 million views!

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