Nina McIntire at First United Methodist Church


November 29, 2018


Seniors (60 & over): $12.00
Adult: $13.00
Students and School Teachers: $7.00
Children 12 and Under: $5.00
Music & Poetry: All Seats $8.00




First United Methodist Church


322 East 2nd Street Casper, WY 82601




Nina McIntire, born in St.Petersburg, Russia, completed her degree in Master of Fine Arts at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. At first, living in Western Europe, she had a career as a classical concert violinist performing around the world with Solo Concerts, Chamber Music and the German State Philharmonic Orchestra.

While pursuing her classical music career she followed developments in many other genres of music. In the modern world where popular music dominates the charts and classical music struggles to reach broader audiences, Nina started to search for solutions to balance appreciation of both Classical and Pop. She created her “Ivory Fantasy” music project to establish the easy access to classical music as already exists in Pop. She makes Classical as exciting as a pop hit and her Pop-compositions are refreshingly classy. Overcoming stylistic boundaries, her music benefits multi-generational listeners and transmits message of unity and inclusiveness.

Now living in Austin, TX, Nina works on creation of her 1st season of the “Music Universe” Austin Philharmonic Concerts. This series will give a chance to digital-age-generation young listeners to be introduced to the concert-hall-live-presentation-experience; also, it will benefit people who always wanted to get closer to classical music, and it will give an option for frequent concertgoers to continue their connection to music in the form of philharmonic concerts. The “Music Universe” would be an opportunity for the entire family – young and old alike – to have a quality time together.

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