Jake Maurer Band Live at David Street Station


August 23-24, 2019





David Street Station


200 S. David Street Casper, WY 82601


Jackie Landess


Jake enjoys a mix of traditional and outlaw country while finding ways to insert original material. He likes to write songs that are his life and his current CD includes several of those. With his expanding family, he might start writing nursery rhymes or pick up heavy drinking just to stay sane.

Jake is not only a talented song-writer, but is also a gifted singer, plays acoustic guitar and his best quality just might be his natural ability to entertain. He loves to talk to the crowd and make them laugh by saying just about anything that might pop into his mind; the more ridiculous, the better. People walk into Tootsie’s for a beer and before they know it they have spent four hours with the Jake Maurer Project.

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