Jake Maurer Band at Hooch’s Bar and Grill


August 22, 2019






Hooch's Bar and Grill


6985 Nugget Evansville, WY 82636


Hooch's Bar and Grill


Jake Maurer Band performs at Hooch’s Bar and Grill.

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Jake Maurer is a product of Metamora, Illinois, which to this day remains his favorite place on Earth. Jake spent his grade school and high school years listening to Garth Brooks and dreaming of becoming a football star for the Redbirds. He then became just that, as an All-State linebacker and the Redbirds leading rusher. He attended Eastern Illinois University, where he continued his football success as a linebacker, starting his career as a walk-on and ending it on a full-ride scholarship. At EIU, he earned a high school teaching degree and every now and then entertained his friends around a bonfire picking and singing some of his favorite “Red Dirt” Texas country songs. Inspired by Pat Green, Jake picked up a pen and started putting some thoughts to music. Those first Jake Maurer songs are still some of his friends’ favorites.

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