Big Tree 24 2018 – Various Locations


July 27, 2018


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Various Locations


Casper, WY 82601


Paul Lobdell


The BigTree24 is a 24 hour bicycle ride that promotes the local businesses of downtown Casper, the Yellowstone District and the Big Tree neighborhood. (Plus the visions and ideas thriving in our city that are pretty darn cool!)

Over 24 hours, teams of 4 friends will relay and enjoy a loop around the area, checking in at preset stations along the way. A team gains points for every lap. However, every hour when the team switches riders, we announce a new local business that generously opens their doors for a rider challenge. If the current rider chooses, they can add that business to their loop, learn about the challenge and decide if they want to give it a go. Did well on the challenge? Gain additional points to add to your loop! Anytime, anywhere, we have tricks up our sleeve to gain more points. It’s hard to say, we are a devious lot…..

Our goal? Make friends! You could meet a local business owner beyond social media. Perhaps while waiting for your amazingly slow team member, you hit it off with someone in the campsite? Maybe you fall in love with a local charity and volunteer? It’s all about a neighborhood experience; sharing ideas and our love of Wyoming. Come join! We think it’s gonna be pretty fun.

(Of course, crazy solo riders are welcome too. We do love our crazies…….)

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