Food Truck Mondays in Mills


October 1, 2018





Across From Mills Town Hall


Wyoming Blvd & 4th Street Mills, WY 82644




Mills Manic Mondays last blast of the season.
Mills Manic Mondays is a scaled down version and an extension of Windy City Wednesday Food Truck Festival, Mills Manic Mondays is a fun, family orientated event that is held basically across from the Mills Town Hall (lower Mills) at 4th and Wyoming Blvd, from 4 – 8.
We have, licensed, insured and health department approved professional, food trucks, lined up and ready to serve you! We also have beer available for purchase

Want to be a vendor at Mills Manic Mondays? If you serve food or work out of a truck or trailer you MUST have business insurance.
If you serve ANY type of food, the Natrona County Health Department would like to talk to you. (This is not a Farmers Market and therefore falls under different rules and regulations)
Just have a tent you’d like to set up and sell your treasures from? You’ll need to be licensed in the Town of Mills
(Mills is its own town and has its own rules and regulations different then Casper.) If your curious how to get licensed, go to Mills Town Hall at Wyoming Blvd and 4th ST,
pay your $25 and BAM! You’re in! Well, for three months anyway.
Food Trucks and other mobile vendors are welcome at our Mills Manic Mondays Food Truck Festival.
All vendors will be checked before being able to open. Any type of food vendor absolutely must be health department certified,
as well as insurance and licensing. Don’t sell food? Then, you don’t need the health department. Call Ticker 307.333.4388 or Rob 307.235.6395 for specifics.
If you need electric, you’ll need to supply your own generator (generator must be under 72 decibels Set up time is after 2:00pm Monday.
Need to arrive by 3:00pm. **No selling before 4:00** Come prepared, (bring food, and lots of it) All vendors have to supply their own
outside garbage can(s) at least one per vendor. No tearing down or leaving until 8pm. NON truck or trailer vendors (have a tent?)
First time is free, every time after $25 Food trucks or serve from a truck or trailer? Its a flat $50.00.
Please don’t just show up, we like to advertise Mills Manic Mondays and want to include all vendors in it.
(We don’t allow more then 2 vendors with the same main foods at Mills Manic Mondays)

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