Meet Mikki Milosevic

Mikki Milosevic

Executive Factotum and Adventure Coordinator
Mikki Milosevic was born in Eastern Europe, grew up in New York City and transitioned to a new way of life after she moved to Casper two years ago. The pace slowed, the humidity disappeared and people smiled. The friendly, accommodating residents quickly became one of the best parts of Casper, and it’s one of her favorite things to share with inquiring visitors. In the office, Mikki created her own title “Executive Factotum and Adventure Coordinator” because she wants to be the office’s ultimate source of support. Whether that means creating spreadsheets, booking flights or stocking office supplies, she’ll do it with a smile. Out of the office, Mikki loves taking her dogs to the lake, camping at the river and tending to her garden.

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