Meet Amanda Scherlin

Amanda Scherlin

Marketing Manager
While Amanda Scherlin was working for the Wyoming Office of Tourism in Cheyenne, she always had dozens of reasons to tell inquiring visitors about Casper. No other place blended outdoor recreational opportunities with big city amenities as seamlessly, so Casper was an obvious recommendation to anyone who was looking for a well-rounded experience. She was born and raised here, so she’s always known about the city’s access to trails, our mountain and the North Platte River, but she had been admiring the recent cultural growth from afar. Her hometown was diversifying, and it was creating new events and attractions for younger people like herself and her husband, so when she had the opportunity to promote Casper full-time with Visit Casper, it was a natural fit. As Marketing Manager, Amanda will be responsible for sharing Casper with the world via social media, digital advertising, public relations and much more. The city’s diversity means that her job duties will be just as robust, which is a challenge she’ll tackle with a comprehensive approach to messaging and audience selection. As a designer and photographer, she is inspired by Casper’s natural beauty and plans to showcase our distinctive visuals of the mountain and river within the context of an urban, up-and-coming city. Or more simply, she wants to show everyone else why she loves Casper so much.

CVB Staff