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When John Merritt and C.W. Eads established the town of Casper June 8, 1888, they named it after nearby Fort Casper, which honored Lt. Caspar Collins (when the museum was established in 1936, the correct spelling was used), even though the Army misspelled his first name. Experience the historical richness of Casper with one of three self-guided tours, including a walking tour of downtown Casper as well as the South Wolcott Historic District and a third tour of various historic buildings, markers and monuments.

During its early years, Casper was known as a classically Western, rough-and-tumble town. Law enforcement had regular run-ins with rowdy cowboys, prostitutes, gamblers and bootleggers like Dave Davidson. See the site of his home on the downtown walking tour at 323 South David Street where, according to legend, he herded sheep behind his truck to eat corn that fell from his still to keep revenuers from finding it. Among several other stops, you’ll learn about the vigilante hanging of Charles Woodard along 2nd Street, vaudeville entertainer Harry Yesness on Center Street and more.

During its early years, Casper was known as a classically Western, rough-and-tumble town.

Much of Casper’s wealth originally came from agriculture, primarily sheep and cattle ranching. Successful ranchers constructed large, ornate mansions, many of which are still standing today. Explore Colonial Revival, Tudor, Craftsman and other classic architectural styles dating back to 1905 as you walk the outdoor South Wolcott Historic District tour.

Journey beyond downtown to see more of Casper’s historically significant buildings, monuments and markers like the Casper Army Air Base at the Natrona County Airport. Constructed in April 1942, nearly 400 buildings housed more than 3,300 personnel as a major military facility. Though the air base was deactivated in 1945, a museum located in the Serviceman’s Club commemorating veterans from all wars is now open and honors all service branches. Other highlights along this tour include the Mormon Ferry, the Bishop Home, and Reshaw’s Bridge.

To take any of these three tours, pick up a guide book produced by the Casper Historic Preservation Commission, available at the Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, located at 139 W. 2nd Street in downtown Casper, or the new VisitCasper Welcome Center located at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center.

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