Wyoming Eclipse Festival

Total eclipse in the heart of WY


When a once-in-a-lifetime event comes soaring over Casper, you can bet we’re going to celebrate. On August 21, 2017, join scientists, photographers, eclipse chasers and thousands of visitors from across the globe in a march to the Line of Totality in Casper. With an altitude over 5,000 feet and high probability of clear skies, Casper will be one of the best places in the world to view this celestial spectacle.

Low light pollution, clean air, variable winds and lack of humidity make Casper one of the surest bets for the ideal eclipse experience. Join the crowds at Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, David Street Station and the Casper Events Center or plan your own private viewing party in a scenic location like Casper Mountain or Alcova Lake. Either way, our wide-open skyline means that no matter where you’re watching, you can expect to have a spectacular view. For complete Wyoming Eclipse Festival information, visit EclipseCasper.com.

With an altitude over 5,000 feet and high probability of clear skies, Casper will be one of the best places in the world to view this celestial spectacle.

Since the zenith of your trip will be over in a flash, you should have your Aug. 21 schedule down to a science. Here are a few key highlights:

• 10:22 AM: The moon touches the sun’s edge. Use your glasses or another filter to safely experience First Contact. Over the next 80 minutes, temperatures will cool and the sky darkens.

• 11:42 AM: The eclipse approaches totality. As the last bit of the sun’s sliver shrinks away, the corona appears, and the Baily’s bead effect begins. Beads of light dance around the sun, then fade away as the final bead brightens and expands into the highly-anticipated diamond ring effect.

• 11:43 AM: The eclipse reaches totality. Remove your glasses for the next magical 2 minutes and 26 seconds. Peer into the universe as the eclipse creates a revealing hole in the sky.

• 1:09 PM: The moon is completely out of the sun’s shadow, and the remnants of the total eclipse flame out as quickly as they flew in.

While 2.5 minutes of eclipse rapture is well worth the trip to Casper, you’ll find a full slate of special activities and programs during the week of the eclipse, including Astrocon 2017, the Astronomical League’s annual convention with lectures, presentations and workshops featuring top astronomers to amateur star-gazers. Vendors and other events will be open to the public, so be sure to stop by the Parkway Plaza and Convention Center to learn from the experts and chat with other enthusiasts.

• Seasoned “eclipse chasers” advise that 146 seconds of totality will go by in a flash. To truly enjoy the experience, keep your smartphone in your pocket. Even professional photographers with state-of-the-art equipment will take photos that don’t do the event any justice, so your best bet is to stay present in the moment. After all, photos will never capture the magnificence that your senses are experiencing.

• Your eclipse memories will be some of the brightest of your life, so safety should be a top priority. Protective eyewear is necessary to prevent serious eye damage or even blindness. Special Wyoming Eclipse Festival glasses will be available for purchase. Sunglasses DO NOT provide sufficient protection.

Find the most current lodging, event and viewing area information at EclipseCasper.com.

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