Trails West

  • Trail Center is Free for kids

    Trail Center is Free for kids

    The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center (NHTIC) provides educational and fun opportunities for families. And for youth through 15 years old, admission is free. The Trails Center offers interactive, engaging exhibits that bring Wyoming...Read more
  • Culture at the Crossroads

    Culture at the Crossroads

    Casper has a rich frontier history, and the National Historical Trails Interpretive Center is a world-class museum and a perfect starting point for your exploration of our history. Mountain men, Native Americans, emigrants, traders, and...Read more
  • Painted Past History Tours

    Painted Past History Tours

    CASPER'S HISTORY COMES TO LIFE through Painted Past Enterprise's living history tours. The 1890's, roaring 1920's, and the Fort Caspar tours are revisited on candlelight walking tours of downtown Casper. Costume-clad actors...Read more
  • Preparing for the Paranormal

    Preparing for the Paranormal

    Casper is chock full of places rumored to be haunted by ghosts. The Casper Sandbar was famous for gunslingers, hard-partying cowboys, murderers, thieves and prostitutes. The gallows behind the old fire station nearby did a brisk business in raw...Read more
  • Explore Native American History

    Explore Native American History

    Before settlers arrived in the Casper area, Native American tribe flourished on the plaines for millennia. The earliest known inhabitants of Wyoming are the Clovis, who lived in Wyoming 12,000 years ago. The historic Indians in Wyoming...Read more
  • Scenic Wonders

    Scenic Wonders

    The austere beauty of landscapes in Casper and Natrona County draw visitors every year. Our famous sunsets are like no others on earth. From the Platte River Parkway, with stunning views of Casper Mountain, to the vast prairie vistas...Read more
  • Scenic Drive to Independence Rock

    Scenic Drive to Independence Rock

    Wyoming is synonymous with scenic drives that transport visitors to often surreal views of pristine, untouched landscapes. Casper’s central location offers hundreds of driving routes to parks and landmarks throughout the state. Your vacation...Read more
  • Check Out Casper's Museums!

    Check Out Casper's Museums!

    There are plenty of museums in Casper that will fascinate and educate every member of the family. There are art and science museums, history museums and museums that explore the geologic past of the Casper area. Whatever your particular...Read more
  • Exploring Old West Trails

    Exploring Old West Trails

    Young cowpokes will find it easy to get into the pioneer spirit at The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, which tells the trials and triumphs of the West's early settlers through a unique series of interactive exhibits. It’s a fun...Read more
  • Mormon Handcart Visitor Center

    Mormon Handcart Visitor Center

    See different locations in Wyoming where a group of 600 pioneers, many walking with their possessions in handcarts, experienced dangerous hardships until they were rescued by the saints from Salt Lake City.Read more
  • Historic Trails Interpretive Center

    Historic Trails Interpretive Center

    The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center is one of Wyoming's finest museums. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the interpretive center allows the visitor to experience what pioneer life was like for the early emigrants.Read more
  • Trail Riding: A Trip Through Casper's Past

    Trail Riding: A Trip Through Casper's Past

    As the wind blows over the prairie, sagebrush and wildflowers bend across the ruts of the California, Oregon, and Pony Express trails just west of Casper. Get a taste of what life was like before the advent of rubber tires and paved roads in Casper!Read more
  • Culture at the Crossroads

    Culture at the Crossroads

    With the Oregon, Mormon, California, and Pony Express trails all converging in here, Casper is a fantastic place to discover American History.Read more
  • Explore the Mormon Trail

    Explore the Mormon Trail

    Led by Brigham Young, over 70,000 Mormons traveled along the Mormon Trail from 1846 to 1869 to escape religious persecution. Read more
  • Travel Back in Time

    Travel Back in Time

    Tour Fort Caspar, a reconstructed 1865 military post located at a historic major river crossing for the Oregon, Mormon, California, Pony Express, and Transcontinental Telegraph Trail Corridor.Read more