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Outdoor Recreation

  • Riverfest & Great Duck Derby

    Riverfest & Great Duck Derby

    Wave goodbye to summer with a rubber ducky in one hand and a micro-brew in the other during Riverfest & the Great Duck Derby Aug. 22...   

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  • Casper Marathon

    Casper Marathon

    This Sunday, runners from across the country will compete in full, half and relay marathons during the Casper Marathon along the scenic North Platte River.

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  • On Your Way To Yellowstone Country

    On Your Way To Yellowstone Country

    Anyone lucky enough to vacation in Yellowstone country will agree — your journey to the park is as important as your destination.

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  • Night Skiing

    Night Skiing

    In Casper, we take a night out to new heights — and lower temperatures. One of our favorite ways to celebrate friends, nature and our beautiful skyline is cross country skiing after sunset atop Casper Mountain.

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  • ColdAvenger Triathlon

    ColdAvenger Triathlon

    The inaugural ColdAvenger Winter Triathlon will combine snowshoeing, skiing and Fatbike racing on Casper Mountain Saturday, Feb. 7. With the area’s most pristine forestry on perfectly groomed trails, you’ll forget about the temperature in no time.

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  • HAWG Ice Fishing Derby

    HAWG Ice Fishing Derby

    Save the fish from freezing Jan. 24 - 25 during the 26th Annual HAWG Ice Fishing Derby at Pathfinder Reservoir.

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  • Put On Your Running Shoes

    Put On Your Running Shoes

    The 2 Mile Challenge is BACK, the second Saturday of the upcoming months November thru February. This run is a meet and greet, but most importantly to...

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  • Fall Fishing

    Fall Fishing

    Learn why American Angler Magazine named Casper the #1 Big Fish Destination in the world this autumn.

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  • Biggest Loser RunWalk

    Biggest Loser RunWalk

    Join former Biggest Loser contestants as well as health and fitness enthusiasts from across Wyoming during the Biggest Loser RunWalk this Sunday, August 17, beginning at the Boys & Girls Club.

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  • Rev3 Cowboy Tough Weekend

    Rev3 Cowboy Tough Weekend

    For those of you whose summer days are anything but lazy, Casper has a challenge for you. The Rev3 Cowboy Tough weekend is full of activities for competitors, participants and cheerleaders alike.

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  • Catch 'Em All

    Catch 'Em All

    As the sun rises over the North Platte River a distinct sense of Calm resonates as water gently laps against the shore. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, zip up your fly-fishing vest, grab your best rod, slip into your waders and head down to

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  • Casper Muni Golf Course Openings

    Casper Muni Golf Course Openings

    The Casper Municipal Golf Course will open the Highlands Course for play on Saturday morning, April 5th.  Both the Park Course and the Highlands will

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  • Snowboarding in Casper

    Snowboarding in Casper

    For all you snowboarders out there, Casper Mountain has great terrain for snowboarders of all levels from rank novice to seasoned expert. Hogadon Ski Area offers plenty of groomed trails, and you can always take your adventure off grid...

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  • Hogadon opens December 14 2013

    Hogadon opens December 14 2013

    The City of Casper's Hogadon Ski Area is pleased to announce that a partial opening will take place on Saturday, December 14 with two ....

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  • Enjoy Winter Fun!

    Enjoy Winter Fun!

    It's up bright and early for a day of fun in the snow! There's snow gear to be found for the entire family at Mountain Sports, then it's up the mountain for an all-day adventure! Head off to explore Casper Mountain's 40 miles of snowmobile trails...

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  • Get Out the Sleds!

    Get Out the Sleds!

    Yes, we've got an abundance of winter sports opportunities here in Casper. And it's about time to take the kids sledding! Try Washington Park right here in town, where you'll find plenty of hill for speedy tykes.

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  • Snowmobiling Adventures in Casper

    Snowmobiling Adventures in Casper

    There's world-class snowmobiling terrain just minutes from downtown Casper! Our mountain boasts 46 miles of marked groomed trails for your enjoyment and getting there is a cinch. Check out this video to see the excitement...

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  • Casper Mountain Trails

    Casper Mountain Trails

    The Casper Mountain Trails Center boasts 42 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails for both classical and skating styles of skiing. It's located on Casper Mountain 8 miles South of Casper, Wyoming - so it's just 15 minutes away from the city...

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  • Beartrap Snowmobile Adventures

    Beartrap Snowmobile Adventures

    Get ready to bust some drifts! Beartrap Meadow is the trailhead for snowmobiling on Casper Mountain. Located straight up Casper Mountain Road just minutes from downtown, its parking lot is the perfect place to park a trailer and head...

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  • Get Ready for Hogadon!

    Get Ready for Hogadon!

    Casper has its own ski area, and you can get there in 15 minutes from anywhere in town. And forget about lift lines -- they're virtually non-existent at a our ski area, so you get the most out of your skiing adventure without...

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