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Fort Caspar

  • Casper Troopers Exhibit

    Casper Troopers Exhibit

    Fort Caspar Museum will be celebrating sixty years of the Casper Troopers with an exhibit to run in 2017 and 2018.....

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  • Explore Native American History

    Explore Native American History

    Before settlers arrived in the Casper area, Native American tribe flourished on the plaines for millennia. The earliest known inhabitants of Wyoming are the Clovis, who lived in Wyoming 12,000 years ago. The historic Indians in Wyoming...

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  • Scenic Wonders

    Scenic Wonders

    The austere beauty of landscapes in Casper and Natrona County draw visitors every year. Our famous sunsets are like no others on earth. From the Platte River Parkway, with stunning views of Casper Mountain, to the vast prairie vistas...

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