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Casper Mountain

  • Snowshoeing Casper Mountain

    Snowshoeing Casper Mountain

    As a winter outdoor activity, Snowshoeing is one of the fastest growing and Casper Mountain offers some of the best dedicated trails available.  While

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  • Ski Hogadon!

    Ski Hogadon!

    Casper has its own ski area - Hogadon - and you can get there in 15 minutes from anywhere in town! And forget about lift lines....

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  • On Your Way To Yellowstone Country

    On Your Way To Yellowstone Country

    Anyone lucky enough to vacation in Yellowstone country will agree — your journey to the park is as important as your destination.

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  • Escape to Casper Mountain!

    Escape to Casper Mountain!

    Beautiful Casper Mountain is just minutes away from downtown Casper. You can escape the noise of downtown and discover a lovely mountain meadow or contemplate a waterfall in quiet solitude...

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  • Scenic Wonders

    Scenic Wonders

    The austere beauty of landscapes in Casper and Natrona County draw visitors every year. Our famous sunsets are like no others on earth. From the Platte River Parkway, with stunning views of Casper Mountain, to the vast prairie vistas...

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  • Midsummer’s Eve Celebration

    Midsummer’s Eve Celebration

    The folklore and legend behind the annual Midsummer Eve’s Celebration is as intricate as the forest on Casper Mountain.

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  • Casper Mountain Bike Challenge

    Casper Mountain Bike Challenge

    If you’re the type of mountain biker who prefers the trails less traveled, this is the race for you.

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  • Casper Strong Adventure Race

    Casper Strong Adventure Race

    If your summer days are anything but lazy, we challenge you to conquer Casper Mountain and prove you're Casper Strong.

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  • Muddy Mountain Madness

    Muddy Mountain Madness

    As the fourth event in Fat Fish Racing’s summer series, this is going to be one of the summer’s biggest races. Muddy Mountain is a favorite spot among local mountain bikers with technical single track and some of area’s most epic views, your hard wor

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  • Skunk Hollow Sneaker Chase

    Skunk Hollow Sneaker Chase

    The Skunk Hollow Sneaker Chase is 8 or 16 unpaved, hilly miles across forested cross country ski trails. The relentless ups and downs will challenge your pacing, stride, lungs and psychology.

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  • Train to Hunt Wyoming

    Train to Hunt Wyoming

    Find out if you’re up for the ultimate hunting, archery and fitness test, strategically timed in the off-season to prepare hunters for the rigors of t

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  • Dry Creek Clash

    Dry Creek Clash

    As the fifth event in Fat Fish Racing’s summer series, this is going to be one of the summer’s biggest races. With four categories available (Recreational, Sport, Competitive, Expert), as long as you have a bike and a helmet, you’re a perfect fit for

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  • Beartrap Festival

    Beartrap Festival

    The greatest stories of summer are told with fiddles, banjos, and lyrical poetry at the Beartrap Music Festival.

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  • Casper Mountain Crusher Bike Race

    Casper Mountain Crusher Bike Race

    As the final race of the Summer Series, the Crusher will leave you hungry for next season, but with this course, you’ll welcome the rest.

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  • Cold Avenger Winter Triathlon 2017

    Cold Avenger Winter Triathlon 2017

    Welcome to the first annual Cold Avenger Winter Triathlon! This 3 event race of 5k snowshoe - 5k nordic ski - 5k Fatbike will take you around some of

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