Casper offers plenty to see: art museums, galleries, a surprisingly active theater scene, movies, wild west exhibits and history museums, year-round sports events, and some of the best rodeo action in the world. Any time of year you will encounter unforgettable landscapes, see herds of deer and antelope or magnificent Canadian geese soaring overhead -- visual memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Girl Scout Exhibit at Fort Caspar

    Girl Scout Exhibit at Fort Caspar

     Fort Caspar Museum traveling photo exhibit from the University of Wyoming's American Heritage Center titled "Japanese-American Girl Scouts"

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  • Spring Shows at the Planetarium

    Spring Shows at the Planetarium

    The Casper Planetarium, 904 N. Poplar Street, announces its spring lineup of shows.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm "Down to Earth".  Saturdays

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  • Trail Center exhibits

    Trail Center exhibits

    The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center (NHTIC) is recognizing Women’s History Month with two temporary exhibits:...

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  • Casper CVB Wins National Award!

    Casper CVB Wins National Award!

    The Casper Area CVB is pleased to announce that it received the 2014 Reader’s Choice Award from SportsEvent Media Group, America’s leading industry publication focused exclusively on helping sports event planners produce excellent competitions in...

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  • The Bishop Home

    The Bishop Home

    The Historic Bishop House, built in 1907, stands at 818 E. 2nd Street in Casper Wyoming. It is available for tours and all types of special events....

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  • Casper Museum Consortium

    Casper Museum Consortium

    The Casper Museum Consortium is a non-profit corporation made up of ten museums and museum-like sites in Casper:......

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  • New Art on Display

    New Art on Display

    Casper Artists' Guld offers a new art exhibit at Bank of the West.  See lovely landscapes in pastel and acrylic as well as beautiful florals in oil an

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  • Spring Shows at the Planetarium

    Spring Shows at the Planetarium

    The Casper Planetarium at 904 N. Poplar, announces its spring lineup of shows.

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  • Lunch and Learn about Calamity Jane

    Lunch and Learn about Calamity Jane

    The Fort Caspar Museum Association announces its winter Lunch and Learn program on Saturday, January 18, 2014, beginning at noon.  Glenda Bell will pr

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  • Nature Art Show at Werner

    Nature Art Show at Werner

    The art show "Nature", featuring artwork created by current Casper College students and employees is now on view at the Werner Wildlife Museum. 

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  • Holiday Shows at Planetarium

    Holiday Shows at Planetarium

    Come enjoy starry nights in the warmth and comfort of the Casper Plaetarium as it presents special holiday shows thorugh January 2, 2014. On Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4pm, the Planetarium presents "George and Oatmeal Save Santa," and on...

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  • Military Holidays Exhibit

    Military Holidays Exhibit

    Join us this holiday season to see how veterans related the holidays with their duties. The exhibit will present military holidays in both...

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  • Trail Center is Free for kids

    Trail Center is Free for kids

    The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center (NHTIC) provides educational and fun opportunities for families. And for youth through 15 years old, admission is free. The Trails Center offers interactive, engaging exhibits that bring Wyoming...

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  • Ghostly Adventures in Casper

    Ghostly Adventures in Casper

    Do things that go bump in the night fascinate you? Whether you're looking to spook yourself with historical tales or chase after wandering spirits, Casper offers one haunting adventure after another! If you're determined to garner goose-bumps...

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  • Culture at the Crossroads

    Culture at the Crossroads

    Casper has a rich frontier history, and the National Historical Trails Interpretive Center is a world-class museum and a perfect starting point for your exploration of our history. Mountain men, Native Americans, emigrants, traders, and...

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  • Visit the Casper Events Center!

    Visit the Casper Events Center!

    The Casper Events Center is truly a world-class venue where you can catch some of the best in entertainment in the state. From rodeo action to Monster Truck competitions to the Best of Broadway and some of the hottest musical...

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  • Painted Past History Tours

    Painted Past History Tours

    CASPER'S HISTORY COMES TO LIFE through Painted Past Enterprise's living history tours. The 1890's, roaring 1920's, and the Fort Caspar tours are revisited on candlelight walking tours of downtown Casper. Costume-clad actors...

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  • Preparing for the Paranormal

    Preparing for the Paranormal

    Casper is chock full of places rumored to be haunted by ghosts. The Casper Sandbar was famous for gunslingers, hard-partying cowboys, murderers, thieves and prostitutes. The gallows behind the old fire station nearby did a brisk business in raw...

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  • Come Enjoy Casper

    Come Enjoy Casper

    There's always something to do in Casper. We have great events, music, dining and nightlife, a thriving theatrical scene, the Best of Broadway Series, and so much more. We also have a variety of museums for every taste and interest; for a...

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  • Explore Native American History

    Explore Native American History

    Before settlers arrived in the Casper area, Native American tribe flourished on the plaines for millennia. The earliest known inhabitants of Wyoming are the Clovis, who lived in Wyoming 12,000 years ago. The historic Indians in Wyoming...

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