Getting Off the Beaten Path

Adventure suggests exploration: getting off the beaten path and seeing something new. Reconnecting with nature, hitting the pause button on the daily drill and rekindling your sense of wonder. And one of the best ways to explore is on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Casper is a great place to rev up the ATV and head out for an off-road adventure. Casper Mountain boasts trails galore. Start at Beartrap Meadow, a family-friendly park offering camp sites with fire rings, shelters and restrooms, as well as miles of shady dirt roads perfect for easy cruising. The Corral Loop on Casper Mountain offers 40 miles of groomed trails and extensive un-groomed areas with terrain that can challenge any ATV’er -— from gutsy novice to expert daredevil. Want something rough and rugged? Just beyond the western outskirts of town is Poison Spider Bentonite Pit, 200 acres of varied terrain with steep rocky sections for experts who really want to test their skill level (beginners beware!). If you're a local — or planning to say a while — you can always apply for a membership to the Casper Dirt Riders Motorcross and ATV Club; their private track offers everything from novice to professional trails.