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Central Wyoming Balloon Fest

In 2004, RE/MAX The Group held a local qualifier for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, an annual event showcasing golf's longest hitters. In addition to the golf event, the RE/MAX hot air balloon made an appearance to give tethered balloon rides for children. At the time, none of us at RE/MAX The Group were thinking anything about a balloon festival. Although, plans would soon change.

In the fall of 2004, RE/MAX The Group "Long Drive" committee members held a meeting to think of ways we could better expand the Long Drive, but yet bring something else to Casper that we here could call our own. It was that day that the Central Wyoming Balloon Fest was born.

Residents know we are famous for our 'gentle' Wyoming winds and there were some skeptics out there, including many of us, if this event could even be successful. Little did we know we would have something big on our hands.

In 2005, RE/MAX The Group and our supporting businesses dream's came true when we successfully launched 10 hot air balloons from a small piece of ground at Three Crowns Golf Course, formerly known as the BP Amoco Oil Refinery.

Just a few years later our dream has grown to an annual hot air balloon event consisting of three days many more balloons!

For the past few years, our event has been one of the most photographed events in Casper. We still continue to see photos and hear talk of previous year's events and how magnificent they were. An estimated 4,000 people stood and watched as the balloons launched last year, not to mention the several thousand other Casper residents who followed the balloons from launch to landing.

But numbers only begin to tell the story of the Central Wyoming Balloon Fest. Because what you can't see are the thousands of smiling, awestruck faces that hot air balloons cause when they fill the Casper sky. What you can't hear until you walk out onto the field at nightfall are burners simultaneously igniting causing warmth all around you. What you can't feel until you join us is the massive joy the event brings to our guests.

There are no losing teams at the Central Wyoming Balloon Fest nor are there any stands to restrict our guests to what they can and cannot see. Our event provides our guests with first hand experience at the earliest and quite simplest forms of flight.

We here at RE/MAX The Group and the rest of our balloon fest partners look forward to bring this event to Casper every year!



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