ARTCORE presents Romancing the West


September 19, 2017


Seniors (60 & over): $12.00
Adult: $13.00
Students and School Teachers: $7.00
Children 12 and Under: $5.00




Highland Park Community Church


5725 Highland Dr Casper, WY 82601




ROMANCING THE WEST is Historic Documentary Meets Live Concert Performance, in a two hour journey through time, playing to standing ovations in hometown American theaters throughout the West in a unique multi-media experience.
This multimedia show takes audiences on a 240 year journey through history, telling the epic story of Western Expansionism with rare historic photographs, film and original music. The show spans decades, from the Native tribes and the free trappers to the Spanish Missions and Gold Rush, the Indians Wars, through the industrial revolution and the Great Depression, World Wars and The Sixties to the present day.
Romancing the West and it’s highlights version “Time Travels through the American West” has toured nationally in theaters since 2013,” appearing in interpretive centers, museums and schools.
The show is produced by husband and wife team, Writer/Composer/Producer Christina Lynn Martin and co-producer cowboy poet and balladeer Garnet “Butch” Martin who share the stage performing the shows original music and reciting it’s classic poetry. Also featured in the shows documentary is classical/rock legend Martin Gerschwitz (Iron Butterfly and The Animals) his music featured in the tribute to National Parks and to Rock, Gospel and Soul legends.

The show presents significant episodes from the last two centuries, from the beauty of the Native people’s culture when the West lay untouched by time, to the modern west. It is entertaining and educational for all-ages and boldly remembers the tragic while celebrating the triumphant episodes in Western History with a focus on civil rights, cultural respect and nature conservation.
Romancing the West delivers an epic journey through decades of social and political change to celebrate the pioneering human spirit and diverse legacy of the American West.

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